So yeah, Adobe has announced it's sunsetting our good pal Flash.

I was thinking... what'll happen to all the older cartoons and games that run it here on the site, once this takes effect? Can they be converted to html5?

My kinetic typography project is finally out!

2017-07-02 09:38:33 by TheFerridge

Update: learned how to embed it into the post:

Check it out:














(click here or on the pic)

The FCC are fucking douchebags

2017-06-07 12:41:51 by TheFerridge

We here are people of the Internet, so you probably already know that the FCC boss is trying to remove the ability of his own Comission to enforce net neutrality rules, practically making a few large internet providers the gatekeepers of content. So, censors. Or, as some guy on YouTube very well put it:

"Imagine the internet as a jumble of streets and highways, and my internet provider as my car. If i turn down one street and my car starts to move 2mph instead of 60mph, we clearly have a system that is fundamentally FCC'd."

I'm not saying that, if he pushes this through, there maybe might just be a warm seat on the board of some large ISP waiting for the Chairman of the FCC, after his mandate is over. I'm not saying that at all.

Anyway, if you like internet freedom or nice things in general, I think you should at the very least join the online movement against it:

Also, I noticed a bunch of internet companies have banded together to have a "go f yourself" day on July 12, including Mozilla, Amazon, Reddit and so on. I think Newgrounds should join that movement as well. Just saying. I'm looking at you, Tom. 

These well-to-do fucks in diverse top positions will keep on trying to gain control of the Internet. They tried it with ACTA/SOPA, and this is another one of those times. So it's our job to make sure they fail every time. This is one of those times.

I guess what I'm saying here is, let's not let these asshats have their way, shall we?

I started a typography(ish) image series on my site called "Epic Fails of History", and I post a new one every now and then. Contains pretty damn ridiculous but true things that happened at some point in the dragged-out shitshow we like to call our history.

Thought I'd tell ya guys, in case you wanna check it out!


My "Little Rock" got picked in P-Bot's Daily Picks! Yay!

So, I'm new here

2016-11-01 15:51:34 by TheFerridge

I finally got around to making myself a NG profile! YASSS!


This is gonna be good.